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阖家欢 Hejia Huan | 川湘軒 Sichuan Hunan Cuisine - Rawang



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食中国菜,品川菜魅力,尝千香百味。中国川菜作为中国汉族四大菜系之一在中国烹任史上占有重要地位,国内外都享有很高的声誉。川菜取材广泛,以善用麻辣著称。川菜是一种多数人喜欢的菜式,也是一种文化、一种生活方式。它取材广泛,调味多变,菜式会样,口味清鲜醇派并重,以善用麻辣著称,并以其别具一格的烹调方法和浓郁的地方风味,融会了东南西北各方的特点,博采众家之长。自然环境优越,特产资源丰富。 One of the top Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Rawang, Enjoy Chinese cuisine, relish the allure of Szechuan dishes, and savor a myriad of flavors. Chinese Szechuan cuisine, as one of the four major culinary styles of the Han people, holds a significant position in China's culinary history and enjoys high reputation both domestically and internationally. Szechuan dishes have a wide range of ingredients and are renowned for their skillful use of spiciness and numbing sensations. It is a cuisine loved by the majority and also represents a culture and a way of life. The ingredients used in Szechuan cuisine are diverse, and the seasoning varies greatly, resulting in a wide array of dishes with clear, fresh, and rich flavors. It is particularly famous for its adept use of spice and heat, and it boasts a unique cooking style and a rich regional taste that amalgamates characteristics from the southeast, northwest, and other regions of China, drawing on the strengths of various culinary traditions. The natural environment is excellent, providing abundant local specialties and resources.

Type : Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

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20, Jalan RS 2, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

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Type : Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

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